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Design Your World – STEM Conference for Girls


Thanks for making the April 1, 2017 Design Your World STEM Conference for 6th-8th Grade Girls at SMU a great success! Please sign up for our email updates list or follow our Facebook or Twitter accounts to get the latest information on our next event!


Sponsor information:
Visit our Sponsor page. If you are interested in donating funds for a Design Your World – STEM Conference for Girls, please review the sponsorship letter and form and follow the instructions!

Check out the video from our Fall 2016 Design Your World Conference at Eastfield College to see what the day-long experience is like.

Although great progress is being made, only 5% of women who enter college end up graduating with engineering degrees. In “Generation STEM”, the Girl Scout Research Institute found that:

“About half of girls polled believe STEM is not a typical career path for girls”

“Girls are interested in making a difference in the world and need more STEM exposure, education, and experience with the help of key adults in their lives in order to see how STEM fields can achieve their goals now and in the future”

The report concludes by charging “educators, parents, and mentors” to “encourage girls to solve problems, ask questions, and to engage in creative and hands-on activities”.

For this purpose, Dallas Society of Women Engineers come together with the local college sections and corporate sponsors to present our award winning:



2 thoughts on “About the Conference

  1. John K. Harkins

    For non T-STEM schools, the pipeline for girls in STEM is broken in the 9th grade. We need women engineer role models to adopt a local middle school to mentor female 6-7-8 grade students continuously, make the case on why STEM careers should be explored, encourage hands-on competitions, and join the school STEM Advisory board. I would like to explore this concept further with SWE.
    John Harkins
    STEM Career Speaker and Mentor
    214-334-3279 cell

    • Hi John, thanks for your feedback. We couldn’t agree more that mentorship is key to encouraging girls to pursue their interests in engineering! Design Your World is run by volunteers, most of whom are women engineers, and one of the things attendees like most is meeting women engineers and talking to them about how they use their skills to help people. Most of our members are working professionals so visiting schools during business hours is difficult, but these weekend outreach events are more accessible. We also encourage our members to use local STEM resources to connect volunteers with folks who need them: check those out at our website here http://www.dallaswe.org/outreach/. A new program from SWE called SWE Next lets K-12 students become honorary SWE members and receive news, activities, and inspiration from our nearly 40,000 members. We hope to see you soon at a Design Your World Conference to experience the excitement as a parent / educator attendee or volunteer! Email us at dallas.swe@gmail.com to connect to our Outreach Committee.
      Shelley Stracener
      Dallas SWE FY17 President
      Design Your World Media Coordinator

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