About the Conference

Design Your World STEM Conference for Girls is the award-winning signature outreach event brought to you by the Society of Women Engineers Dallas Section since 2012.

We invite girls from the greater Dallas area to experience a day of fun and learning through STEM activities. Parents and educators are also invited to learn about resources to help their kids stay interested in STEM and hear from women engineers about their education and workplace experiences.

The Society of Women Engineers Dallas Section has been awarded the 2019 WE Local Outreach Award for Best Outreach Event recognizing the Design Your World STEM Conference for Girls.

2019 Design Your World STEM Conference

We are excited to announce that the 2019 Design Your World will be on Saturday, November 2, 2019 at Woodrow Wilson High School. This year Dallas SWE is partnering with Woodrow High School and Collin College SWE to bring this event to 4th-6th grade girls. We are excited to announce we are now opening the event to include 7th-10th grade!

Download the flyer for the 2019 Design Your World STEM Conference and register here

Check out this video from our 2017 Design Your World Conference to see what the day-long experience is like.



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Although great progress is being made, only 5% of women who enter college end up graduating with engineering degrees. In “Generation STEM”, the Girl Scout Research Institute found that:

“About half of girls polled believe STEM is not a typical career path for girls”

“Girls are interested in making a difference in the world and need more STEM exposure, education, and experience with the help of key adults in their lives in order to see how STEM fields can achieve their goals now and in the future”

The report concludes by charging “educators, parents, and mentors” to “encourage girls to solve problems, ask questions, and to engage in creative and hands-on activities”.

For this purpose, Dallas Society of Women Engineers come together with the local collegiate sections and corporate sponsors to present our award winning: