Jerrie Kertz: My World of Engineering


Jerrie Kertz is a Senior Vice President at AT&T Services Inc. in the Network Operations organization. She is responsible for operations planning, methods and procedures (M&P) support, and operating systems support (OSS) planning for Network Operations as well as AT&T’s network operational matters related to National Security and Emergency Preparedness. She is also responsible for Network Operations strategy development and end-to-end service assurance. Jerrie began her career with Southwestern Bell as an Outside Plant Engineer in Arlington, Texas. She has held field positions in Installation & Maintenance at different management levels in Fort Worth, Dallas and Houston. In addition, Jerrie has worked in Internal Audit, Network Planning & Engineering, and Information Technology (IT) Operations, and served as President of AT&T Messaging. Jerrie is a native Texan and a graduate of Texas A&M University in Industrial Engineering. She is a mentor for Women of AT&T and serves on the Texas A&M Department of Industrial Engineering Advisory Board. Jerrie and her husband, Lionel, have two sons, Trey and Kyle, and make their home in Allen, Texas.


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