Resources for Parents & Educators


Parents and STEM advocates, check out the Society of Women Engineers’ program for K-12 students: SWENEXT

SWE NEXT LOGO PMSWe’re excited about the growing number of SWENexters in the Dallas area and want to make sure you’re getting the great resources SWE sends out for participants. This is a new program and Dallas SWE is actively investigating the best way to connect to SWENext members and clubs to help your students get the most of their experience with SWE.

Educators, check out this upcoming webinar from from the August NGCP monthly eNewsletter! 

NGCP Webinar: The Importance of a Growth Mindset: Action Steps for Educators
September 21, 2016; 12:00-1:00 PM Central (1:00-2:00 PM Eastern)
Having a growth mindset can lead to big changes in our educational system. Access to education for everyone depends on the shift from a fixed to a growth mindset. In this conversation, we will discuss the effects that micromessages can have on underrepresented youth mindset and talk about steps we can take to be more inclusive in STEM education and We will further discuss key issues and barriers that affect underrepresented youths’ access to and persistence in STEM. We will continue to examine barriers and discuss the importance of a growth mindset.


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